How Can an Agent Help Me?

A knowledgeable insurance agent can help you find health coverage such as vision and dental insurance that fits your medical needs, your lifestyle and your budget. In our busy, fast paced world, many working professionals don’t have time to shop around for the most competitively priced health insurance. At the same time, the rising costs of insurance and medical care make it more important than ever to find an affordable deal. An agent who specializes in health insurance can match you with a policy that will keep you and your family healthy and active without overextending your resources.

Role of an Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is a licensed, trained professional who has achieved a high level of knowledge and competency in the industry. An agent’s role is to review a client’s medical needs, health status and financial requirements to determine which type of health insurance is most suitable. Whether you are looking for affordable coverage for yourself as a single adult, or you’re shopping for comprehensive health benefits for your whole family, a reliable, trustworthy agent will evaluate your needs to help you find the benefits you’re looking for.

When you meet with an insurance agent, this professional will talk with you about your health insurance needs, review the options that you have available and help you apply for quotes. He or she may request information that reflects your personal risk factors, such as your age, gender, current health status, past medical history, occupation and smoking status. An agent will then submit your request to one or more insurance providers to help you find the best deal.

Unlike brokers, who generally do not represent any one company, insurance agents may represent one insurance provider or a group of providers. When you work with an agent, the agent will review the benefits, features and costs of the plans offered by the company or companies that she represents. Because you may not get a complete, unbiased perspective on the health insurance market from one agent, it is helpful to meet with more than one agent to get the most objective overview.

Working with an insurance agent may help you get lower insurance rates than you could find on your own. Health insurance premiums can be costly, especially if you have a complicated health history or you’re an older applicant. With their comprehensive knowledge of the market, insurance agents can connect you with the most affordable policies for your age and condition. If you have specific medical needs that are not covered under standard policies, such as maternity care, an agent may help you arrange to have these benefits included in your coverage.

Finding an Agent

The widespread availability of online technology has made it easier than ever to find an insurance agent. Many agents offer their services online, and you can compare quotes from reliable professionals with a quick online search. Insurance agents and brokers must be licensed in the state where they sell insurance and must meet certain criteria for competency, professionalism and ethical behavior. If you have doubts or concerns about an insurance agent, contact your state’s insurance board to verify licensing status or make a complaint.

An insurance agent can help you find health coverage that’s compatible with your medical and financial needs. Agents may charge a fee or a commission for their services. When you meet with an insurance agent, ask this professional about his or her background, licensing status and knowledge of the health insurance field. Look for a dependable insurance agent with extensive experience in matching singles, couples and families with the right medical coverage.