What are Some Common Discounts for Health Insurance Coverage?

Getting discounts on health insurance can lower the overall cost of your coverage or reduce your rates for specific services. When you search for a competitively priced health insurance policy, look for discounts that may make your plan more affordable before buying health coverage. Many providers offer discounts on fitness center memberships, optical or dental services. Ask a representative from your insurance company about how you can save money with the specific discounts that your policy offers.

Insurance for Couples and Families

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the cost of health insurance, consider combining your coverage with other people in your household. If you’re married, you may save money through a joint health insurance policy that covers both of your medical needs. Couples who share health insurance may pay less per partner than two individuals who buy separate policies. If one of you has a plan that offers the benefits you’re looking for, the partner may be added as a dependent to the original policy.

Families can save money by purchasing family health insurance. You and your spouse and children may pay less per person if you are all covered under a single family policy. Family health insurance plans take each member’s needs and medical history into account to determine your rates. If you are all generally healthy and don’t have serious pre existing conditions, you may qualify for cheaper rates by combining your coverage.

Health insurance discounts are available through certain professional organizations or student associations. Undergrads and graduate students may qualify for discounts on student health insurance through their membership in a student group. Organizations like the American Medical Student Association offer affordable health insurance to medical students, along with discounts on vision care or dental services.

Discounts on Specific Services

Many health insurance providers offer discounts on important medical services, like prescriptions, dentistry, vision care or hearing care. Discounts on the medications you take on a regular basis are available through special prescription plans. When you order your maintenance medications through a plan’s mail order service, you can save a considerable amount of money on the cost of prescription drugs.

Vision, hearing and dental discounts are available for individuals and families who are searching for affordable care for their eyes, teeth, ears and gums. These plans can reduce the cost of routine dental exams, cleaning, X rays and basic services like fillings or extractions. Vision plans may lower the cost of eyeglasses, contact lenses and annual vision exams. With a discounted hearing plan, you can have lower rates for hearing exams and hearing aids.

When you’re shopping for discounts, be aware of discount plans that are not affiliated with a major health insurance plan. Discount plans for dental or vision care are widely available, and some of these programs can be valuable. However, a discount plan simply offers a reduced rate for services or products, not financial coverage through an insurance provider. Before you enroll in a discount plan, make sure the dentist or optician you see regularly is part of the plan. Discounts usually apply only to certain services, like teeth cleaning or eyeglass fitting.

To take advantage of common discounts for health insurance coverage, shop around for the deals offered by various providers. If certain benefits are important to you, like having a membership at a local gym, receiving your maintenance prescriptions at a discount or getting a reduced rate on contact lenses, look for specials that lower the cost of these services. Research your options online to find an insurance provider that makes health maintenance more convenient and affordable.